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Armenian Animator in Egypt PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 November 2010 00:00

By after tomorrow, we will have in Egypt, Vrej Kassouny, the Armenian animator and the director of the Int'l ReAnimania Animation festival in Yerevan/Armenia. He will introduce our monthly program of 28th November in Bibliotheca Alexandrina/Alexandria at 7p.m, when he will introduce an interesting retrospective of animated films from Armenia since 1930s until now. Vrej will come also to make a documentary film on Sarokhan, the Egyptian/Armenian cartoonist.

ASIFA Egypt Members TV Interview PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 30 October 2010 00:00

Two members of ASIFA Egypt appeared on The Egyptian National Televission on "Cairo Salon" TV show. The host "Dr.Ismail Serageldin" -the director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria)- Interviewed "Shewekar Khalifa" and "Mohamed Ghazala" and they spoke about animation in the Arab countries and the world. The show was aired occasionally with the International Animation Day.

AMAA Best Animation Prize PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 June 2010 00:00

The only Egyptian film in the competition won the Animation Prize at the 6th African Movies Academy Awards in Nigeria!

The animated film "Honayn's Shoe" has been crowned as the best Animation for this year’s African Movie Academy Awards. It was nominated in the category "Best Animation" together with films from Algeria, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

Honayn's Shoe was directed by Mohamed Ghazala, the Egyptian animator and lecturer, in production of Cinema Palace in Cairo of Ministry of Culture 2009. The film story is about a lost nomad, Honayn,with his camel searching for his shoe in the wide desert.

The African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) is held annually to honor distinguished actors and actresses, directors and writers in the African movie industry. AMAA opened nominations for the 2010 awards and received over 500 movies. Nominations were closed on December 31, and selected committee started working on the entries in January 2010. The selection went through phases,and over 500 movies were reduced to 280.

Held on Saturday, April 10, 2010 amidst blitz and glamour, the sixth edition of the prestigious awards took place in Yenogoa, the capital of Bayelsa State, Nigeria. This year’s event pulled hordes of celebrities in and around the African continent. AMAA is comparable to America’s Academy Awards in terms of its class, glamour and importance in African filmmaking.

                AMAA   Honayns-Shoe


Vice-President of ASIFA in Egypt ! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 April 2010 00:00

In its celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ASIFA, the regional African chapter of the organization, ASiFA Egypt will continue its activities around the cultural venues in Egypt, using the opportunity of having the Vice President of ASIFA, Mr Heikki Jokinen from Finland to introduce his program and other programs to our audiences.

Yesterday, we had a very successful event in The Bibliotheca Alexandrina with Alexandrian fans of animation watching a very best collection of Finnish animation,followed by Q&A with Heikki. Tomorrow at 12:00 P.M ,Mr Heikki will introduce his collection again during his workshop with the students of Fine arts faculty, South Valley University - Luxor.

And finally, Mr Heikki will introduce a collection of Japanese animation curated by ASIFA Japan to our audiences in Cairo next Friday 2nd April 2010, in "Passage 35" hall in M.M.Khalil museum in 1 Kafour St, Dokki - Giza. in attendance of Dr, Shawqi Maroof of Ministry of Culture.

We would like to meet all of you in any of our programs around Egypt, and later in another African and Arabian countries.

International Animation Day 2009 in Africa PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 December 2009 00:00

greetings to all of you in occasion of "The International Animation Day" which started to be celebrated on the 28th of October in many cities around the world .

Some of our members organized and co-organized celebrations in a number of African and Arabian cities in the exact celebration day -28th of October- in Tunisia, Ethiopia, Ghana and South Africa, and some celebrated during November in Cairo & Alexandria - Egypt. Some of our partners faced difficulties to organize any thematic events in another countries like Namibia, Jordan, Zambia, Sudan, Niger and Yemen. But they kept promises to find opportunities to launch animated activities in future within ASIFA frame. The following is the report of (Maha Sherin) and (Ahmed El Ashwah) about IAD in Egypt:

After our great successful exchanging program with different ASIFA chapters around the world, we chose the very best from those DVDs which were sent to us from our colleagues in ASIFA Japan, Croatia, Korea, Greece, India, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Colorado, Atlanta, Bulgaria, Poland, and ASIFA Central, and we putted them together in one show-reel, in addition to the panorama of Greek animation from the European animation Center in Athens.

El Rasheed Foundation for cultural and social development hosted the event the last year, and after the event's success they insisted to repeat the experience again. El Rasheed foundation & Media Art Studio sponsored the event, they prepared the whole thing to settle the event, printed the publications, invited artists, fine arts students & the public as well . The event took place at Media Art Studio Semouha, Alexandria, Egypt. Program:

  1. Welcome speech and a presentation about international ASIFA & its impact in the art of animation in the world. IAD & the goals behind holding this day. Establishment of ASIFA - Egypt in 2008. ASIFA Egypt activities in Egypt & abroad. IAD 2008, participating 3 of ASIFA Egypt members (Ibrahim Allam, Mohamed Sabry, Ahmed El Ashwah) in a workshop about animatic short movie in Greece last summer invited by the European Center for Animation, based in Athens.
  2. How to participate in ASIFA and the benefits of ASIFA membership & how to develop animation through it all around the world especially Arab world & Africa as well.
  3. A presentation about Media Art Studio by Dr. Yasser El Shamy, Faculty of fine arts.
  4. Screening (Nuten 2008) a film done after a workshop of ASIFA Egypt at El Rasheed Foundation directed by Mr. Ahmed El Ashwah.
  5. Films Screening.
  6. An open discussion was held between the speakers & the audiences about animation films & how to develop film production far away from huge production with the aim of association like ASIFA.
  7. Over 250 people attended the ceremony between Fine Arts Students, Artists & public. The celebration Started at 6:00 pm till 8:00 pm.
  8. Refreshment.


Back From Greece And The 3rd ANIMART Workshop PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 August 2009 00:00


The report of (Ahmed Al Ashwah) about the trip of 3 of ASIFA Egypt members (Ahmed Al Ashwah, Ibrahim Allam ,and Mohamed Sabry) to Greece, participating to the animation workshop "ANIMART".

First Day (Sunday 19-7-2009): Arrival day, Reception and Dinner.

Second Day (Monday 20-7-2009): Start of Workshop 10:00 AM, including 4 workshops; Mr.Vakalis (animator in DreamWorks) and his workshop about StoryBoard and we (Members of ASIFA-Egypt) attend , The second workshop was about 3D Character (Mr.Vokacic from Croatia), and we participated (me and Ebrahim Allam) in this workshop also because it was in another time, and there were the third workshop about backgrounds (Mrs.Ersi Spathopoulou) and Mohamed Sabry participated in this workshop, the fourth workshop was about Sculpture and Theatre Design (Mr.Dimitri Papadopoulos) and I attend this workshop as a visitor only.

Third Day (Tuesday 21-7-2009): The same program then broadcasting for samples of DreamWorks designs and storyboards, and at night we attend screening for one of the oldest films in Greek Cinema History.

Fourth Day (Wednesday 22-7-2009): The same program, we are divided to 4 groups in “storyboard workshop” and every group consists of 5 persons, I attend again the workshop of Sculpture and Theatre Design, I watched it, they made mountain of stones and rocks by foam material, at night we went to a party.

Fifth Day (Thursday 23-7-2009): Continuation of  “storyboard

workshop”, we started in “3D Character workshop” in execution of simple character animation by the method of Bones Pro, then we visited “the cave lake” as archeological place.

Sixth Day (Friday 24-7-2009): Every group has explained their drawings on projector and some comments from Mr.Vakalis, Continuation of “3D Character workshop”, important lecture from Dr.Burak Şahın (Professor in Maltepe University – Istanbul), the lecture was about “Visual Story Telling”, at night a big screening for the animation films and productions of all participants, we (Members of ASIFA-Egypt) screened our animation films and we got a very good impression and appreciation.

Seventh Day (Saturday 25-7-2009): The last day of Mr.Vakalis in “storyboard workshop”, and screening for some “Animatic” samples of Dream Works Company, every group had shown the executed drawings, at night we have completed “3D Character workshop”, lecture about ancient Greek pottery art.

Eighth Day (Sunday 26-7-2009): Fantastic Trip to Olympia City that the first Olympic Games in the history organized in it, then going to one of the beautiful beaches in Greece, at night screening for “Belgian Animation Panorama” that is showed by the president of “Animata Festival” in Brussels.

Ninth Day (Monday 27-7-2009): The last day of “storyboard workshop” with Dr.Burak Şahın, 2 lectures about Compositing (Fusion Program) and Video Editing (Final Cut Program).

Tenth Day (Tuesday 28-7-2009): Finalizing and Presentations for all works that is executed in 3rd ANIMART.

Last Day (Wednesday 29-7-2009): Departure Date to Athens and return to Cairo the next day.