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ASIFA Egypt's members in "Maarifa" conference- Morocco CARTOONS, AS A MEDIA FOR KNOWLEDGE PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 June 2012 23:17

Shwekar Khalifa among panelists from Libya, Morocco and France

During the 9th and 10th of May, CFI (Canal France International) organized a conference in Rabat, Morocco, entitled “Digital Changes and Television : New Educational Challenges”, In partnership with The Ministry of State Education for the Kingdom of Morocco, France Télévisions, The Arab States Broadcasting , With support from the French Embassy in Morocco.


Conference Maarifa - Rabat, 2012Two Egyptian ASIFA members participated in this conference, Mrs. Shwekar Khalifa the honorary president of ASIFA Egypt, and Sharif El-Sayed, the multimedia artist.

Mrs. Khalifa  presented some of the Egyptian animated productions related to education. during the panel of "CARTOONS, AS A MEDIA FOR KNOWLEDGE" in Arabian animation, along with panelists: Dr.Madghis Madi (Libya),Mohamed Beyoud (Morocco), Djilali Beskri (Algeria),Tunisia, and France.

This event is joined into the framework of the cooperation regional project Maarifa, the first edition of which took place in 2010, which consists of supporting the production and broadcasting of interactive educational programmes within Arab television channels.

Gathering hundreds of professionals from Europe, Mediterranean countries and the Near East and Middle East, Maarifa´s aim is to raise the main questions in the current situation linked to education through image and new media and to advance the innovative and expanding experiences of this sector in France and in the Arab world.

The conference lectures questioned, What added value can footage bring to the educational process?  What can the use of media bring to horizontal and basic learning? What is the point of harnessing the media in education? What impact of digital and networks on student learning? Does digital production of knowledge alter cognition, and does it transform education? What learning opportunities can digital offer us today? Besides, funding and producing, educational programs.