International Animation Day 2009 in Africa Print
Monday, 28 December 2009 00:00

greetings to all of you in occasion of "The International Animation Day" which started to be celebrated on the 28th of October in many cities around the world .

Some of our members organized and co-organized celebrations in a number of African and Arabian cities in the exact celebration day -28th of October- in Tunisia, Ethiopia, Ghana and South Africa, and some celebrated during November in Cairo & Alexandria - Egypt. Some of our partners faced difficulties to organize any thematic events in another countries like Namibia, Jordan, Zambia, Sudan, Niger and Yemen. But they kept promises to find opportunities to launch animated activities in future within ASIFA frame. The following is the report of (Maha Sherin) and (Ahmed El Ashwah) about IAD in Egypt:

After our great successful exchanging program with different ASIFA chapters around the world, we chose the very best from those DVDs which were sent to us from our colleagues in ASIFA Japan, Croatia, Korea, Greece, India, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Colorado, Atlanta, Bulgaria, Poland, and ASIFA Central, and we putted them together in one show-reel, in addition to the panorama of Greek animation from the European animation Center in Athens.

El Rasheed Foundation for cultural and social development hosted the event the last year, and after the event's success they insisted to repeat the experience again. El Rasheed foundation & Media Art Studio sponsored the event, they prepared the whole thing to settle the event, printed the publications, invited artists, fine arts students & the public as well . The event took place at Media Art Studio Semouha, Alexandria, Egypt. Program:

  1. Welcome speech and a presentation about international ASIFA & its impact in the art of animation in the world. IAD & the goals behind holding this day. Establishment of ASIFA - Egypt in 2008. ASIFA Egypt activities in Egypt & abroad. IAD 2008, participating 3 of ASIFA Egypt members (Ibrahim Allam, Mohamed Sabry, Ahmed El Ashwah) in a workshop about animatic short movie in Greece last summer invited by the European Center for Animation, based in Athens.
  2. How to participate in ASIFA and the benefits of ASIFA membership & how to develop animation through it all around the world especially Arab world & Africa as well.
  3. A presentation about Media Art Studio by Dr. Yasser El Shamy, Faculty of fine arts.
  4. Screening (Nuten 2008) a film done after a workshop of ASIFA Egypt at El Rasheed Foundation directed by Mr. Ahmed El Ashwah.
  5. Films Screening.
  6. An open discussion was held between the speakers & the audiences about animation films & how to develop film production far away from huge production with the aim of association like ASIFA.
  7. Over 250 people attended the ceremony between Fine Arts Students, Artists & public. The celebration Started at 6:00 pm till 8:00 pm.
  8. Refreshment.