William Kentridge, the Magician of the African Animation Print
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 02:00

In November 2010, the South African artist & animator William Kentridge has been awarded the 2010 Kyoto Prize for Arts and Philosophy, becoming the first African recipient of Japan's highest private award for global achievement.

The awards, now in their 26th year, are regarded as Japan's equivalent of the Nobel awards. Only three prizes are given each year, in the categories of Arts and Philosophy, Advanced Technology, and Basic ...Sciences.

The prizes honour "significant contributions to the betterment of humankind" and each comes with a cash award of 50-million yen (about 700.000$US).

Kentridge was born in Johannesburg on 30 November 1954, perhaps best known for his animated films. These are constructed by filming a drawing, making erasures and changes, and filming it again. He continues this process meticulously, giving each change to the drawing a quarter of a second to two seconds' screen time. A single drawing will be altered and filmed this way until the end of a scene. These drawings are later displayed along with the films as finished pieces of art.

ASIFA Egypt will have honor to present animated films by Kentridge in its monthly program in Bibliotheca Alexandrina on 30th of January, 2011. This program wouldn't be possible without the generous contributions of the staff of William Kentridge's Studio in Johannesberg, and Art21 for Contemporary Art in New York.